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Real Recruiting Letters – Sample #1

Letter from Coach, Sample #1

“Dear Susan:

I am pleased to learn of your interest in our athletic program. Your accomplishments in your sport and in the high school classroom are quite impressive. We look forward to continuing a correspondence this year and evaluating you at various competitions. Please return the enclosed profile sheet as soon as possible and include a copy of your schedule so that we can arrange to see you compete.

Thank you,

Coach Anderson”

What this letter means, and how a student-athlete should respond:
A coach who sends a letter like this is responding to a letter from the student-athlete. Something in the letter caught the coach’s attention, and effort is being made to evaluate the student. The athlete should complete the profile form, send her schedule, and keep in touch. This represents an opportunity to call the coach, and the athlete might as well take advantage of it, especially if this is a top school.

Notice that the coach did not invite the student-athlete to call with questions. If an athlete receives such a letter, the student-athlete should follow up with the coach upon receiving the letter if she has an interest in the program. If the coach is not receptive to the student’s call, the coach is probably not interested in the student-athlete.

This sample letter and advice were taken from Athletes Wanted – The Game Plan for Maximizing Athletic Scholarship Potential.  If you liked this information, I encourage you to check out the complete book here.

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