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Ask Coach Taylor: Preferred Walk On

 What exactly is a preferred walk on? I have been offered by a FCS school to be a preferred walk on? What is the difference between a regular walk on and a preferred?

A preferred walk-on, also known as a recruited walk-on, is an athlete who is recruited by a college program but not offered an athletic scholarship for freshman year.  Often times these athletes will be assured roster spots prior to committing to the school.  At many schools, preferred walk-ons receive many privileges that scholarship athletes also enjoy.  Some of these privileges include free equipment from sponsors, clothing, and access to training facilities.

Most schools are different with the manner in which they handle walk-ons.  It is important to find out what kind of opportunities and privileges are given to walk-on athletes at that particular school.  Deciding to walk-on is a personal choice, but be sure that you evaluate all of the positives and negatives, especially if you have other offers to consider.

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