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Message Center: The Best Way To Write Emails to College Coaches

message center on ncsa platform connects students with coaches

We often talk about how the NCSA Athletic Recruiting platform helps you connect with coaches, and we’ve written about ways to make sure you’re writing good emails to coaches —  but we haven’t talked in detail about how we help athletes and their families make that connection happen.

Our message center lets you keep track of the emails you write to college coaches, all in one place.

features and benefits of message center on ncsa recruiting platform

Just like direct messages in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the message center in the NCSA Recruiting Management System lets students and coaches communicate directly with each other without the hassle of searching through athletic department staff pages to find the right email address. You can keep track of the emails you’ve sent and received, and — we think this is one of the best parts — your parents can see what coaches are responding to you without having to look through your email account.
schools that students search for in message center on ncsa platform autopopulate

The system helps you find the exact college you’re looking for by auto-populating school names.


new emails on message center in ncsa recruiting platform


And new, unread messages will always have a blue icon next to them so you don’t miss anything.

Of course, we’re always here to help you with specific questions about what you should include in your emails to coaches.

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