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Here’s Why You Should Be Calling Coaches

Calling Coaches

Calling coaches is the responsibility of every serious student-athlete

Click on the infographic below to zoom in and learn about what to do when calling college coaches.

infographic about tips for calling college coaches

You should be calling coaches

Sure, coaches will be able to text prospective student-athletes soon (April 28 — per new NCAA regulation. Read more here!)

But would you rather sit by and wait for a college coach to text you, or make a great first impression by picking up the phone and proving you’re an interested — and worthwhile! — recruit to their program?

Be prepared for your call with a coach

Don’t just close this blog post on your phone and start dialing wildly. Research some of the schools that are the best fit for you academically, athletically and socially, and do your homework on the coach:

  • What is his or her name? What is their coaching background?
  • What kind of athletes does this coach like to recruit for your position?
  • How are you similar to typical recruits? What makes you stand out?

This recruiting homework should include reaching out in an email to the coach before calling so they have an idea of why you are!

What should you do if a coach doesn’t answer your call?

Don’t panic! Coaches are busy people too. Maybe they’re at practice right now, or talking to a current athlete on their team, or doing hundreds of other activities that everyone has on their plate.

Leave a voicemail that introduces yourself. Practice what you’ll say beforehand so you don’t get nervous when it’s game time. And remember: speak slowly. When the coach listens to your voicemail, you’ll want to be easily understood!

What should you do if a coach answers your call?

Don’t panic! This is your time to shine.

Put all that homework you’ve done on the coach and their program to the test. Make sure they have a moment to talk to you, and then briefly tell them why you’re interested in the program.

Make sure to thank the coach for their time before you hang up.

When you have the first one under your belt, you’ll realize this was easy. You’ve faced challenges in your practices, games and meets that are way worse than this.

And then you can pick up the phone to call the next coach.

Being proactive about the recruiting process will infinitely help you to succeed. One of the best ways to get started is with a recruiting profile.

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