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Ask Coach Taylor: Can a Coach Rescind a Signed National Letter of Intent?

Coach Taylor,

As I understand, a verbal commitment from recruit or college can be rescinded at any time. But, when a recruit signs on signing day, what can be rescinded by whom?

For example, a recruit signs to play football at ABC College. During the summer ABC College fires their existing coach and selects another. Is the recruit still committed to go to ABC College? Is the college still committed to take the recruit?

Once a recruit signs the National Letter of Intent they are bound to that school for a minimum of one academic calendar year. If they break the commitment and decide to go with a different school they will be ineligible for competition for a two year time period. When a player signs the NLI, they are signing with the school and not the coach, so if the coach leaves the player is still bound to the school. In some cases the school can decide to let the player out of the agreement, but this is really a case by case bases. The other end the school is also committed to the player. When a school drafts up the NLI, they are committing the agreed upon funds for at least one year and cannot break that commitment.

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