8 Lessons About Raising Kids From Derek Jeter’s Dad

NCSA Athletic Recruiting's founder and CEO Chris Krause is inspired by the lessons about raising athletes he learned from Derek Jeter's father.

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When the Sidelines Get Terrifying

Have you ever played a game or attended a meet where the parents are into it? Like scarily into it? How do you get past the expectations and keep your head in the game?

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UConn's Kevin Ollie is a coach known for his motivational quotes. Here's why that matters for your college basketball recruiting journey.

Join the conversation with recruiting expert, Coach Taylor, Thursday, October 23rd at 8PM (Central)

NCSA Athletic Recruiting welcomes prospective college football players and their families to join a live chat room with Coach Randy Taylor on Thursday October 23rd at 8PM (Central). You only get to go through the recruiting process

Did Peyton Blow You Away, Too?

If you enjoy professional football and haven't decided to "cut the wire" (does anyone still do that anymore?) for the last couple days, you've likely seen this headline: Peyton Manning passed Favre's career passing touchdowns record on

Dick’s Sporting Goods Catalog Included No Female Athletes. The Only Question Is: Why Am I Surprised?

To an industry with predominately male executives whose motto has long been “shrink it and pink it” when outfitting women: Get with the times.

How Sports Help Women Executives Succeed in Business

You might have seen our recent post about our president and COO, Lisa Strasman, meeting Mo’ne Davis during the espnW conference. We believe that sports can transform our lives and the entire world. But if you haven’t had