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how to gain confidence at half time featured image

How to Gain Confidence During Halftime 

Halftime is more than just a break from the game. How you approach halftime could determine how you perform in the second half. For example, practicing positive self-talk can boost your confidence going into the second half and help improve your performance. Keep reading for more tips on how to refocus and refuel during halftime.  […]

overcoming a sports injury

How to Overcome a Sports Injury During the Recruiting Process

It’s a moment most athletes hope to avoid – getting hurt while playing the sport they love. Aside from the physical pain, a sports injury can be particularly difficult to cope with because it forces you to sit on the bench and lose playing time.   That can bring up deep feelings of disconnection, loss of […]

athlete on track

Managing Competition Anxiety: Tips for Student-Athletes

Game time, baby! That rush of adrenaline before a big competition is unbeatable. But what if it starts becoming too much to handle? Nerves are totally normal in sports, but when it starts to impact your performance, it’s time to take a closer look. You might be experiencing competition anxiety. When we get worked up […]

NCSA top 5 sports movies

Top 5 Sports Movies to Get You Motivated for Camp Season

Sports movies have a way of igniting a fire within us, don’t they? Maybe it’s the thrill of watching the underdogs rise to the top or the sense of camaraderie that comes over us as we see a team come together to achieve something great. Whatever it is, these inspiring stories pull at our heartstrings […]

ncaa updates 2023 featured image

NCAA D1 Updates Official Visit Rules and Aims to Improve the Athlete Experience

The NCAA D1 Council met in April and approved several updates, including new official visit rules. The council also continues to support initiatives aimed at improving the D1 student-athlete experience overall. Here are the important updates you need to know:   Recruits can now take unlimited official visits Beginning July 1, 2023, recruits will no […]

Football coaches on field

Football: These NFL Draft Prospects Were Once NCSA Recruits

The annual 2023 NFL Draft is set to take place from April 27-29 live from Kansas City and we’re proud to share that 31 of these NFL hopefuls are NCSA alumni! Our team took a look back to see how these athletes used NCSA in their journey from college recruits to NFL draftees.  How NFL […]

camps how to be confident with coaches in the stands featured image

7 Ways To Feel Confident and Play Your Best When College Coaches Are in the Stands

Picture this: You’re at the free-throw line with five seconds left to go in the game and you’re down by one point. You look up to see the coach from your dream school in the stands. Nerves begin to creep up. What do you do? Allow the fear of missing the shot to overwhelm you, […]

Camps Football Dance Classes

Football Players: Should You Be Looking into Dance Classes?

Did you know that generations of football players have been taking ballet classes to improve their athletic performance? That’s right, ballet is a proven beneficial cross training activity for football players looking to improve balance, agility, strength and coordination. Even highly successful NFL players include ballet as part of their training regimen.  So, should you […]

Recruiting Tips Featured Image

5 Tips for College Recruiting Success

Are you dreaming of playing college sports but don’t know where to start? College recruiting may seem overwhelming, so we don’t blame you. Rest assured that the process doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think.  College recruiting for student athletes is a multi-step process. And it may look a little different depending […]

student-athletes walking to class

Full Ride Scholarships and How to Get Them

You may have heard of getting a “full ride” to a school before, but what is a full ride scholarship? In a nutshell, a full ride scholarship is the dream for many student-athletes.   You want to go to college, and knowing how expensive it can be, you want to use your talents in sports to […]