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300,000+ College Commitments from NCSA Athletes

NCSA is the largest and most successful college recruiting network in the world. Every year for the last three years, we’ve helped more than 30,000 student-athletes find their right college fit – bringing our all-time NCSA commitments total to more than 300,000. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our athletes make their commitments to college. We celebrate by “ringing the bell” in our office and sharing an #NCSAcommit photo on social media during their signing ceremony. Check out just a few of the thousands of NCSA commitments below.

If you are an NCSA student-athlete who wants to share the news of your commitment or if you are interested in using our photos, please DM us on Twitter (@ncsa). 

NCSA College Commitments by Year

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2022 NCSA Commitments

The NCSA team is beyond proud to share that we helped 29,526 student-athletes commit to a college in 2022.

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2021 NCSA Commitments

The NCSA team is beyond proud to share that we helped 30,000+ student-athletes commit to a college in 2021.

2020 NCSA Commitments

We are thrilled to share that NCSA helped 28,000+ student-athletes commit to a college in 2020, all while navigating a global pandemic that caused canceled sports seasons, postponed recruiting events and more challenges than sports had ever seen before.

2019 NCSA Commitments

Looking back at 2019, we are so proud of the 26,000+ student-athletes who used NCSA to commit to their best college match.

2018 NCSA Commitments

We love to celebrate NCSA athlete commitments, and in 2018 we were fortunate enough to congratulate 25,000+ student-athletes who found their best college match with NCSA.

2017 NCSA Commitments

In 2017, NCSA reached our all-time high for amount of college commitments made in one year! In 2009, we helped 228 student-athletes find their best college fit, and just eight years later, that annual number grew to 25,246.