Our Customer Service is Unmatched

What really makes NCSA stand out? The expertise of our people. Of our 1000+ employees, the majority have played—or coached—college sports, and they know the recruiting process inside and out. Our recruiting coaches use their experience to guide and support families through the recruiting process, and they take that job seriously.

From sending late night texts of encouragement to conducting mock coach calls, our team members are there for your family every step of the way. Their passion and competitive spirit comes from their own recruiting stories and experience playing college sports. Meet our team and see what drives them to help aspiring college athletes achieve their goals.

Our team members make a huge impact on NCSA families. NCSA parents explain what it’s like to work with our staff.

Just a few of the testimonials from our NCSA parents

“A very valuable aspect of NCSA was the direct contact with Coach Jaimie and Coach Mallory throughout the process. If we ever had a question about what our daughter should do, we could always call or text the two of them. They ALWAYS returned our calls and messages and gave invaluable advice.” – Parent of a 2017 Southern Illinois University Softball Commit

“Coach Paige guided us every step of the way. She was always accessible. Email, text, phone—it didn’t matter. Many times, she would randomly check in. Her expertise, timeliness and personal communication style were superb and alleviated any concerns or stresses that surfaced with us throughout the process. She is an ‘A+’ all day, any day.” – Parent of a 2016 Manhattan College Women’s Volleyball Commit

“We appreciate all the resources that NCSA has provided us along the way. Most specifically, we appreciate the work Coach Gonzales put in on our behalf. He has been a blessing to us in this process! There is no doubt that he helped our son have the most enjoyable and positive experience possible at Rice.” – Parent of 2016 Harvard University Football Commit

“Coach Kelly helped us in so many ways, I don’t think I can put them all into words. She guided us, calmed us and cheered my daughter on the whole way. She invested herself in my daughter, and we are just so incredibly thankful for her.” – Parent of a 2016 Valparaiso University Women’s Volleyball Commit

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