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DeAndre Hackett, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

DeAndre Hackett, Recruiting Specialist

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(312) 579-2555

I am a Recruiting Specialist for NCSA  and I ultimately reached the height of my sport but not without a rocky recruitment story. I received multiple prestigious awards in both basketball and football including a coveted John Wooden award! Letters from all of my favorite colleges filled the mailbox each day and yet when signing day came and went I had no school to claim as my own. Through several miscommunications and assumptions, one of the best players in California went unsigned. 
I eventually attended a 1AA school and years later transferred to the #2 ranked University of Colorado Buffaloes. I got a do-over in the recruiting process and was determined the second time around to get it right! I not only continued my on-field success by breaking school records but received my Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology. I was then drafted by the Seattle Seahawks and played in the N.F.L. until retiring in 2010.

I came to work for NCSA because I wanted to make sure that student-athletes understand the recruiting process and would never have to go through hardship as I did. NCSA fills the void that led to my recruiting struggles and gives athletes the best opportunity to market themselves and have input on where they choose to not only play their sport but further their education. I now reside in Arizona and am married and have 3 wonderful children.  My goal is to provide kids with the necessary tools and education to get the most out of their recruiting process.