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Greg Titiriga, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Greg Titiriga, Recruiting Specialist

California State University - Fresno
[email protected]
(312) 429-4709

My college football career was unique because of the position I played and the path I took to becoming a Division I player. I played for College of the Canyons, a junior college in Southern California, before I transferred to Fresno State. I was a long snapper. We finished the season ranked No. 25 in the nation after beating Georgia Tech in the Hummantarian Bowl.

Being part of a team with that much talent was one of my greatest accomplishments. It was because of football that I was able to succeed in the classroom as well, because I knew the only way I could play was if my grades were in order. I am very proud that I went on to earn a Master’s in Education from The University of Phoenix. I was able to earn my Master’s while coaching and working full-time because of the discipline and time management I learned as a college student-athlete.

I started coaching after college and soon realized that was my true passion. I coached four years of college and six years of high school. Out of the three championship rings I earned as a player and coach, the lifelong friendships I made are what I value most. I don’t remember the stats or the scores, but I do remember the locker room banter and the fun we had while traveling. I also remember the joy my whole family felt as they traveled around the country watching my college career unfold.

There are many student-athletes who dream of the same experiecence that I was lucky enough to have in college, and I love that my position at NCSA allowes me to help them achieve it.