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Hyunbo Sim, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Hyunbo Sim, Recruiting Coordinator

California State University - Chico
[email protected]
(872) 201-6634

I was raised in the sleepy suburb of Los Gatos, sandwiched between the Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean. Originally, as an immigrant, I began playing baseball as a way to fit in. Although multiple surgeries in high school ended any illusions of playing for universities, I went and followed my other passion: politics. I studied Political Economics, with a focus on International Relations at Chico State University. Prior to joining NCSA, I worked as a speech writing intern for my local congresswoman, and various consulting work for different causes. I joined NCSA mostly because I wanted to have a direct impact on college bound student athletes. I know how easy I had it because both of my parents attended college and I could use them as a support system and informational resource when needed. That’s what I love about working at NCSA the most; no matter what conversation we have with families, I know we are imparting at least a little bit of knowledge with each interaction. Not only that the culture here at NCSA is unmatched – having worked in various high pressure situations, I can say that from top down, this organization has an amazing presence in my life as an employee. I look forward to contributing to such a culture and working with the NCSA team!