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Jason Van Boesschoten, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Jason Van Boesschoten, Recruiting Specialist

Northern Arizona University
(312) 610-6137

When I first heard about NCSA I was immediately drawn to look into what they provide.  I was blown away at the platform and service they provide student athletes in the recruiting process.  Being a former college athlete I had to learn the hard way how competitive the recruiting process is, and how important it is for the student athlete to be proactive in the process.  I had excelled in both soccer and tennis in high school.  Having no guidance in the recruiting process I had only one community college offer for soccer.  I walked on to Phoenix College and was fortunate enough to receive a full ride to play soccer through both athletic and academic scholarships.  I finished school at Northern Arizona University.

Prior to coming to NCSA as a recruiting specialist, I was a State Farm agent for 8 years.  I am passionate about helping people and have always been passionate about sports.  NCSA was the perfect mixture for me to have the ability to help guide young athletes to realize their dream to continue playing the sport they love and get a great education so they can pursue successful careers as adults.  There are so many factors that go into a successful recruiting game plan.  NCSA allows athletes the ability to take ownership of their recruiting to find the best fit for both their academic and athletic goals.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona with my wife and son and our house full of animals.  I enjoy taking advantage of the mostly sunny days in Arizona.