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Joyce Wellhoefer, Senior Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Joyce Wellhoefer, Senior Recruiting Coach

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(312) 624-7408

Sports has always been a huge part of my life starting from my younger days of playing baseball and basketball with one of my brothers and neighbor. Having the opportunity to compete in high school was something I really enjoyed. So, when I found out that I could go on to college and continue playing, I didn’t hesitate in saying yes! I never dreamed of being a college student because no one in my family had ever gone and I was just an average student at best. Competing in sports was my main priority, but I came to value earning my degree as well. The summer after my junior year in college, I played softball in California and worked at the UCLA softball camp. That was my first opportunity to serve as a coach, something I thoroughly enjoyed. After playing basketball in Austria for three months, I returned to an offer to be the head softball coach at a nearby high school. We took runner up at the private school state tournament. For the next four years, I coached basketball, softball and volleyball at high schools.  I wanted to pursue coaching full time, so I went on to earn my master’s degree. That led me into a 20-year college coaching career that was a real dream come true. Now working at NCSA for over 10 years, I continue to draw from my experiences as a player and coach. It is a joy to reflect on how my love of sports has taken me around the world and afforded me an education. Looking back and seeing my path take shape, with help from others, has been a huge blessing for me. Being able to help families going through this same process is super rewarding for me.