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Kelly Calvin, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Kelly Calvin, Recruiting Specialist

University of Louisiana - Lafayette
[email protected]
(312) 638-4806

I love working at NCSA because not only are we helping our student-athletes make a decision on their four years of college, but the decision that they make will also affect the rest of their lives. The camaraderie that one gains from playing at the collegiate level is something that cannot be put into words.

I was fortunate to be recruited out of high school for two sports. I went to McLennan Community College, which is one of the premier junior college baseball programs in the country. I was very fortunate to have two of the best college coaches in the country, and both of them not only helped me become a better ballplayer, but they also helped me start to mature into an adult. From there, I had the opportunity to sign a scholarship to the University of Louisiana-Lafayette where we went to the first ever baseball NCAA Regional Tournament. I was voted NCAA Pitcher of the Week once and Conference Pitcher of the Week twice.

After my success in college, I wanted to continue to stay around the sports that I love, so I have been coaching at all levels for the last 27 years. I also have international coaching experience as well as being fortunate to coach in countries like Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Australia and Venezuela. There is no better feeling than helping an athlete achieve their goals, and that’s what I strive to do every single day.