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Kerry Smith, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Kerry Smith, Recruiting Coordinator

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(312) 610-6116

I grew up in England and came over to the US, first as a coach, and then to play soccer in College. I didn’t know anything about college recruiting and landed in Florida at a D2 school.

After college, I found myself back in the coaching world. I’ve enjoyed a 14 year college soccer coaching career and coached or worked with some amazing people. I coached for a number of schools, including Temple University and, most recently, UC Riverside.

I’ve also spend a number of years in the club coaching world, from small rural clubs to ECNL and DA and have been able to experience the recruiting process from the Student-Athlete’s perspective too.

In both capacities, as a college coach and a club coach, the aspect that stands out as the most fulfilling isn’t necessarily the wins or the awards, it’s being a part of the Student-Athlete’s journey and helping them grow as people and achieve something that looked impossible at first.

After spending a chunk of 2022 traveling and exploring to gain some perspective on what’s next, it became really clear that I still want to help Student-Athletes and find a way to support them in reaching their goals.

I’ve used NCSA extensively as a College Coach to identify potential recruits and the more I see what we do here, I know we are impacting lives and taking what is a very stressful process, and empowering Student-Athletes and their families to be able to be in the driver’s seat of their own recruiting journey.

Outside of work, I enjoy being around nature and animals, watching sunsets or sunrises, and hiking. I’m an avid reader and learner, it’s part of my design. I’m also learning to appreciate ways to create more space and energy in life…whether it be through yoga, meditation, conversation, or other ways to live in alignment.