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Larry Tuma, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Larry Tuma, Recruiting Specialist

Kansas State University
[email protected]
(312) 579-2528

I became a part of NCSA to help student-athletes receive the appropriate direction and support to them get into the game ‘The Right Way’ regarding college opportunities.

When I played football on a full scholarship at an FCS school in college and having been a former college basketball coach and athletic director I’ve seen first-hand the results of making that first important decision regarding your academic-athletic career as you head into a new school and environment.

Being a former Kansas high school graduate from a class of only 15 students I did not have the resources available to me as a high school athlete and as a father of a son who went through the recruiting process. When my son was in high school I thought as a parent I could ‘do it all myself’ to help him get into college as a student-athlete. Little did I know after he broke his hand his second game of his senior year in football we did not have a backup plan in place with having only contacted a small number of colleges.

As a recruiting specialist at NCSA, my mission is to help families and student-athletes have all their bases covered when it comes to having a comprehensive game plan in place when going through one of the most important initial career decisions in their young lives. I’ll consider it a win when I can support families in minimizing stress levels of the recruiting process while maximizing their college student-athlete options as a result utilizing the NCSA system