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Mark Slaby, Recruiting Specialist  at NCSA

Mark Slaby, Recruiting Specialist

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
[email protected]
(312) 638-4441

I have helped students and their families reach their full potential through college. As a college instructor and academic recruiter, I have helped thousands of students and their families reach their full potential for over 25 years. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire and did my graduate work at the University of Central Florida and as a fan of sunshine over Wisconsin snow I have lived in Central Florida since then.

When one of our sons needed help in athletic recruiting (swimming), my wife and I turned to NCSA who helped us find the right college fit for our son as he pursued his academic, athletic and life goals. As a former collegiate athlete myself – recruited in football and track – I can give insights as an athlete, parent, and recruiter. Years later, one of our daughters’ needed help getting a position in a professional ballet company and I was reminded of how scary and difficult it can be for families to have to find a spot for a child all alone. Thankfully, NCSA families never have to go through it alone.

I am happy to pass my knowledge along to families so that they can navigate through the recruiting process with ease. Sports and academics have played an integral role in my life, as well as the lives of my children, and they teach so many life lessons about teamwork, determination, hard work, and what it takes to achieve success. I am excited to help student-athletes find the path to their best college fit that will teach them these same life lessons and more.

The most rewarding part of working at NCSA is knowing my team is truly making a difference in the lives of student-athletes and their families. NCSA isn’t just about playing sports in college. It is also about getting a fabulous education and changing lives.