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Meredith Montoya, Senior Recruiting Specialist  at NCSA

Meredith Montoya, Senior Recruiting Specialist

University of South Carolina
[email protected]
(312) 579-2541

I grew up in an adorable little coastal town in Connecticut and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Sports Administration. I have lived in Reno, Nevada for the past 14 years where I enjoy spending time at Lake Tahoe paddle boarding and snowshoeing. I have a daughter who is a freshman in high school, she is a cheerleader and runs cross country and track and field and an 11-year-old son who plays baseball and football.

I have worked in the sports industry for nearly 25 years in sales, fundraising, and hospitality. Early in my career, I worked for a company that hosted the NCAA tournament and I spent time working for the Southeastern Conference helping with their championship games and tournaments. Later on, I spent 6 years working for the Arizona Diamondbacks where I was part of their World Series run in 2001 and my most prized passion is my World Series ring.

I spent 14 years working for the University of Nevada Athletics Department where I was able to see how hard coaches worked looking for the best athletes/students for their program. I understand how important the recruiting process is to coaches as they continue to build a successful program and fill open spots with the best athlete and student they can find.

I am so excited to work at NCSA so I can help student-athletes all over the country find their college home. The recruiting process can be overwhelming, I have a two children who have goals of playing at the college level and even with my background in athletics and their dad’s experience as a high school football coach and as a recruiting coordinator for a power 5 school, we still didn’t know where to start and how to maneuver through it all. I am so excited to work at NCSA so I can guide families through the recruiting process and open up doors for their child they didn’t know were possible.