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Michael Huff, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Michael Huff, Recruiting Coordinator

University of West Georgia
[email protected]
(872) 270-9219

I attended the University of West Georgia. Competing in basketball was a major goal of mine since i competed in high school. I did not continue to compete in college because I ended up getting injured. My injury changed my life completely because I ended up tearing my ACL and Meniscus in my left leg.

The most rewarding part of working for NCSA is that I get to connect with families and guide the families in the right direction of this recruiting process. Even though I could not complete my dream I feel as though I can help others complete theirs or at least help them get started. I am a team player, I am always determined and willing to put the best effort possible as if I’m getting ready to compete in an actual game. There is always a great feeling of being able to help others and here at NCSA I believe that is their mission as well.

When I’m not working at NCSA i am spending most of my time with my beautiful kids. I have a 11 and 4 year old, added a newborn April 2nd this year. They are my joy and seeing them start to have interests in sports is a big plus for me.