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Stephanie Rathgaber, Senior Recruiting Coordinator  at NCSA

Stephanie Rathgaber, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Wades College
[email protected]
(312) 429-4775

Knowing we have helped more than 60,000 student-athletes reach the next level playing the sport that they love, and receive more than $4 billion in scholarships, aid and grants are the fuel for my fire every day. Being on the front line at NCSA, meaning I am one of the first that student-athletes and their families have contact with, I feel a tremendous responsibility to make sure each and every one of them clearly understands the importance of knowing how the recruiting process works.

Lives can be changed or not. It is not only the next 4 years of a student-athletes life but the next 40 that will be affected by what I do here. That I can be a participant in helping to find the best opportunities possible for each and every student-athlete and their families that I come in contact with is an amazing honor. Not to mention, a little bit of pressure to make sure everyone is listening to me. I love watching all sports and have come to be much more informed and educated about Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, and Field Hockey. NCSA has allowed me the pleasure of working with and helping amazing student-athletes who participate in all three of those sports. The Dallas Cowboys are my #1 professional football team. I have been a fan since the ’70s and grew up in a household that if the Cowboys and Notre Dame did not win, usually that meant for Sunday night dinner you were best off on your own.

Outside of NCSA, I love to travel. I have traveled to most of Europe and Brazil numerous times. I have lived in New York, Florida, Southern California, Michigan and Texas. I am an ex-professional clothing designer and love to shop and scout new trends and ideas in fabrics, prints, and colors. I have a fox terrier named Casanova and he is the love of my life. Currently, that is.