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Tim Driscoll, Football Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Tim Driscoll, Football Recruiting Coach

North Dakota State University
[email protected]
(312) 610-6082

As the son of a college football coach, I knew that I wanted to be involved in college athletics at a very young age. I was a football player and pole vaulter in high school and transitioned into coaching at North Dakota State University where I was a graduate assistant football coach earning my master’s degree in athletic administration.

From there, I coached football and taught at the high school level for 2 years followed by 1 year coaching at a Jr college where I enjoyed helping my players find their next college opportunity. I spent the next 14 years as defensive coordinator at the division II level where I enjoyed success on and off the field.  One of the most rewarding parts of being a college football coach was recruiting a student-athlete where I could give the young man an opportunity not only to compete at the college level, but also to receive a great education.

Seeing young men that I recruited earn great degrees and become successfully employed was an unbelievable feeling.I was given the opportunity to start a division III college football program from scratch as the head football coach. I accepted the challenge which meant recruit, recruit, recruit! In my four years as a head coach, it was great to experience all of the firsts. First game, first points, first touchdown, first win. After my stint as a head coach, I took another division II defensive coordinator position far away from my home where I spent two more years.

Being a recruiting specialist at NCSA allows me to be home with my wife and three daughters who are in high school and middle school competing in all of the sports that they can. I am grateful to have the privilege of using my recruiting knowledge to help young student-athletes achieve their dream of competing at the collegiate level.