Who’s Using It?

Team Edition makes your club more marketable and maximizes retention

Managing athletes’ recruitment process is time-consuming, but Team Edition offers clubs of all sizes the tools to increase exposure, save time and keep entire rosters engaged with an easy-to-use interface and an in-house CRM. We’ve built Team Edition to feel like an extension of your staff, helping clubs to:

  • Build relationships with a national directory of college coaches
  • Get more exposure for your athletes and club
  • Help your athletes find the right schools for them
  • Get more college coaches to scout your rosters
  • Organize and track all teams in one place
  • See which athletes are thriving and which ones need help in the recruitment process
  • See which programs are interested in your athletes
  • Show parents your athletes’ recruitment progress
  • Maximize athlete retention
  • Save time

Our easy-to-use platform connects clubs with the largest college recruiting network in the world, helping boost your recruitment pedigree and get credit for your success.

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