Coach Features

Play an even bigger role in the recruiting success of your athletes

Connect your athletes to the world’s largest college recruiting network

Team Edition helps coaches support the college dreams of athletes and parents. Our technology offers insights into your athletes’ recruitment activities and provides access to the world’s largest collegiate athletic recruiting network so that you can:

  • Provide your athletes with a free NCSA Recruiting Profile in the largest college coach database
  • Track athlete activity and promote accountability through an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Know which colleges are recruiting your athletes and suggest the right athlete for them
  • Easily find the contact info for and network with every college program in the country

Best of all, Team Edition is free for coaches and their teams. Coaches can access these helpful tools in one, easy-to-manage place:

Coaches’ Dashboard

Your home base for Team Edition. See which colleges are actively recruiting in your sport, track athlete activity in real-time and keep up with important recruiting dates.

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Athlete Activity

Monitor your athletes’ recruiting profiles and their interaction with college coaches in one place. Check athlete activity on the Activity page, where you can see athletes’ last login, profile completion percentage, video upload date, number of schools favorited, number of emails sent and Athlete Type.

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College Coach Activity

Search our database for every college offering your sport, coaching staff details and programs interacting with your roster. Check college coach activity on the Activity page, where you can see how college coaches are interacting with your athletes—including the date of last activity—and the number of profile views, follows and messages received.

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College Coach Directory

Access a national directory of college coaches, including phone numbers and email addresses, and network with college athletic programs across the country.

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Fundraising Tools

Easily create and manage an online fundraising campaign for your organization with NCSA Teamraiser. Take advantage of no credit card fees, no minimums, no penalties and real-time campaign tracking.

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