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Our Mission

Our mission is to help every student-athlete and college program benefit from a successful recruiting process.

We are the trusted source for support, education and guidance to athletes and their families. That confidence allows us to provide college coaches with access to the single largest network of college-ready recruits.

We are the “how” and “where” recruiting happens, and, more and more, we are the reason “why.”

Like every good coach, NCSA takes athletes where they often can’t take themselves. We work tirelessly to ensure our student-athletes and their families are informed, confident and inspired by the college opportunities we create together. This year alone, we’ve helped thousands of high school hopefuls in 34 different sports get to the next level.

We know each college commitment will only strengthen our reputation as the leader in athletic recruiting. More importantly, we know it means a student-athlete has found their place to play, and stay, in college.

Giving Back

Giving back has always been core to our mission at NCSA. It’s our way of leveling the field for those who may not have otherwise been able to pursue a college athletic career. In 2021, we donated more than $27 million in recruiting services to qualified families. And, our goal has always been to try and help every qualified athlete regardless of their financial situation. You can read more about all of our give-back efforts at

Our People

There’s a simple reason why our more than 1000 team members, many of them former college and professional coaches and athletes, work for NCSA: Their real-world experience is invaluable.

They know what it’s like, and they’re here to help fellow athletes. They’re here because they never gave up the love of the game, the desire to compete or the will to win.

One thing every family should know is that, with NCSA, you’ve got a team that’s going to go all out when it comes to putting their student-athlete on the best path to college and onto a more rewarding future. Our people are really what makes NCSA the undisputed leader in college recruiting solutions.

Our Technology

NCSA has a nearly two-decade head start on perfecting one of the first digital recruiting platforms.

Whether they are online or on their phone, student-athletes can easily get in front of college coaches, learn the ins and outs of recruiting, explore schools, and manage their recruiting journey all in one convenient place.

Over the years, we’ve also taken our recruit-match experience to a whole new level. Using a combination of personal preferences, input from coaches and big data, student-athletes can now focus their search on their best college matches. It’s a process that routinely uncovers great schools that may have been overlooked.

Our Culture

We are believers in better lives through sport. We channel our competitive spirit to help student-athletes reach their goal of competing at the college level.

We genuinely appreciate the opportunity to help others become the next college student-athlete. We know firsthand that better recruiting is the start to a better future. Whether it’s advising a senior on different scholarship offers or showing a freshman how to create a highlight video. winning for us is putting a student-athlete on their best path to college.

There’s nothing more gratifying than helping a young athlete with ambition, talent and good character find their best college opportunity.

We’re honored to be one of the top digital companies in Chicago, but we’re most proud of being recognized as one of the top places to work.

If you’re interested in being part of the NCSA team, check our current openings.

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