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Auburn Football Recruiting

Auburn football recruiting explained from football recruiting experts at NCSA.

Auburn University is well known for its football team, which plays in one of the best settings in college football – an 87,451-seat Jordan-Hare Stadium. The Tigers have entertained their fans on many occasions, winning numerous national championships, including as recently as 2010. They have claimed eight Southeastern Conference crowns between 1957 and 2013, and three Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association championships. Also, Auburn’s annual Iron Bowl game with Alabama is easily the most intense rivalry game in college football.

As a result, Auburn football recruiting happens at a very high level, and Auburn football recruiting news and other news related to the program are reported on by many national news sources. Fans also keep up to date on Auburn football recruiting by keeping abreast of tweets by Auburn football recruiting targets.

The man who is ultimately responsible for Auburn football recruiting is Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn. He made the jump to the Plains from Arkansas State in 2012 and immediately won SEC Coach of the Year honors in 2013 after leading the Tigers to the SEC Western Division title.

Much of what the Auburn football coach and his staff promote to Auburn football recruits is Auburn University itself. Not only is Auburn University in a real college town in Auburn, Ala., but its campus is also home to an ambiance that is revered by many. Those at Auburn also pride themselves on the school’s positive learning environment. A total of 30,000 students are enrolled at Auburn University, which is just a 100-minute drive from Atlanta, with 24,000 of those being undergraduate students.

Auburn’s athletics department is comprised of 20 varsity teams, and many of the others have also achieved quite a bit of success. The  men’s basketball squad made an impressive run to the 2019 Final Four, the first appearance at that elite event in school history.

As a result, Auburn University football recruiting as well as recruiting for each of the school’s intercollegiate teams involves many of the country’s best players, and the standards are high to be considered. If you want to be in an Auburn football recruiting class, you are going to need to be amongst the nation’s best as far as your football skills go as well as bring a lot to the table academically as well.

Auburn Football Recruiting Traditions and News

Auburn’s football team has been one of the country’s most prestigious throughout its history, and its traditions are some of the most special in the sport and a prime selling point for Auburn University football recruiting.

One is the Tiger Walk, which consists of the Auburn football head coach and Auburn football players walking through fans to Jordan-Hare Stadium from the Auburn Athletic Complex before home games. This has been done at Auburn since the 1950s and has been copied by several other schools since. Other traditions enjoyed by Auburn football recruiting commits include fans regularly congregating and celebrating at Toomer’s Corner and the “War Eagle” cry and the live eagle who flies at home games.

If you are looking to learn more about the Auburn football coach, Auburn football recruiting targets and other news and notes on this program, take advantage of the numerous media outlets that report extensively on all things Auburn, including Auburn football recruiting news. These include the Alabama Media Group, Rivals, 247sports and College and Magnolia.

Auburn Football Coach and the NFL

Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn has helped several players move on to play in the NFL ever since his arrival on campus. His first season with his own Auburn football recruiting class resulted in four Tigers getting drafted, including two in the first round. The team had only had two players combined be drafted the previous two campaigns, and neither of those were selected in the initial round. Every year since at least three players have completed the transition from being an Auburn football recruit to joining the team and playing for Auburn football coach Gus Malzahn to hearing their names called at the NFL draft.

Auburn football recruiting as told by the football recruiting experts at NCSA.

Currently, 36 former Auburn football players have played in the NFL. This Auburn alumni list includes exceptional NFL players like Cam Newton, Dee Ford, and Kerryon Johnson.

Southeastern Conference

The SEC is one of the top athletic conferences in the country in football as well as in a few other sports. Specific to football, the league is responsible for five of the eight national championship game participants from the 2015-18 seasons, which included an all-SEC match-up in 2017 that featured Alabama and Georgia. Also, the league leads the country in average attendance year-in and year-out with 75-80,000 fans attending an average SEC game.

The SEC conference was founded in 1932 when 13 members of the Southern Conference left that league to form their own. Ten of those schools are still a part of the SEC:

The three that later left the SEC are the University of the South, which currently plays D3 football, Georgia Tech, which is in the Atlantic Coast Conference, and Tulane, which is part of the American Athletic Conference. Meanwhile, four schools have joined the SEC in the decades that followed the league’s formation:

Learn about Auburn football recruiting by the the football recruiting experts at NCSA.

Auburn Football Camps

One of the best ways for student athletes to better understand the Auburn football culture is to take part in Auburn football camps. Although these camps cannot be viewed as introductions to Auburn football training, you can gain a bit of experience with those responsible for Auburn University football recruiting while gaining comfortability with the facilities that are used by those who made the transition from Auburn football recruiting prospects to training for and playing for the Tigers.

If you are involved with or looking to be involved with Auburn University football recruiting, it makes sense to take advantage of camps run by the university with few reasons to hold back from doing so. Now, when other football camps are being considered, you will want to be much more diligent in deciding if they are worth your time and effort. Factors that you should consider include the quality of the coaches, its distance from you and its cost. Ensuring that you only attend camps that fit your needs will help you improve as a player, which can only impress those who work with Auburn football recruiting.

Auburn Football Recruiting

it’s important to understand terms that are used in reference to Auburn football recruiting as well as keep up to date on Auburn football recruiting news. A few critical Auburn football recruiting terms are Auburn football prospect, Auburn football recruit, and Auburn football commit.

A prospect is just someone eligible to join a college football team. Skills are not relevant as far as whether you are a prospect.

Auburn football recruits have been and are being recruited by the school. Relatively few players reach this step.

Lastly, Auburn football commits are those who have been offered a spot on the team and have accepted that offer. This can be a non-binding verbal agreement or involve the signing of a National Letter of Intent, which is binding.

Several news organizations award recruits anywhere from two to five stars, five indicating the best of the best such as those expected to contribute for teams like Auburn. These include 247sports as well as Auburn football recruiting ESPN. For information specially related to Auburn football recruiting news, utilize resources such as College and Magnolia, USA Today and Bleacher Report. You can also consult those websites for Auburn football recruiting rankings and lists of Auburn football recruiting targets.

College Football Recruiting

Of course, the odds are that most student athletes are not going to be able to be a part of Auburn football recruiting. If you are good enough to be a target of Auburn football recruiting, you are good enough to be seriously considered for scholarships by many other top programs. Also note that what you need to do to navigate the Auburn football recruiting process is going to be similar in a lot of ways to navigating the recruiting process with other schools although, as you go through this experience, you will also discover some nuances with Auburn football recruiting that you will not experience elsewhere.

As you go through the recruiting experience, you will want to ensure that you know what to say when you talk to coaches, whether they are involved with overseeing Auburn football recruiting or recruiting efforts at other schools. One of the best things that you can do to impress those responsible for Auburn football recruiting and others by sending football recruiting videos.

Also, keep in mind the various recruiting rules and the recruiting calendar. Coaches responsible for Auburn football recruiting need to follow the same guidelines as other schools that play in the Football Bowl Subdivision, which comprises of the 130 schools that play in the largest stadiums and broadcast on national television regularly. The recruiting rules differ some for Football Championship Subdivision schools as well as those who play D2, D3, NAIA, and junior college ball.

Learning how to get recruited for football, whether that involves the Auburn football recruiting process or not, is valuable to do so that you can get the most out of the experience and, most importantly, find the best fit for you. This not only relates to the football team itself and the coaches who you will be playing for but also the academic side of the school and its overall culture. Is this a place where you will both feel comfortable and grow as a person?

Auburn football recruiting detailed by football recruiting experts at NCSA.

About NCSA

One of the essential things that NCSA College Recruiting does is help high school football players and athletes in other sports find that fit, and it has done so since it was founded in 2000 by Chris Krause, who played football at fellow SEC school Vanderbilt before graduating from that university. One of the main reasons why he founded NCSA was to help others successfully go through the recruiting process so that they would not need to have as much difficulty with it as he did.

In the years that have followed NCSA’s founding, athletes who have successfully completed the Auburn football recruiting process as well as those who have done so at other schools and in other sports have reported positive experiences, so much so that NCSA’s Google Reviews score is 4.9 out of 5.0 with more than 2,000 reviews having been posted.

Are you looking to join the tens of thousands of student-athletes who utilize NCSA’s services to commit to a university for sports every year and be part of a network that includes 35,000  coaches? Fill out your free football recruiting profile today. Give us a call at 866 495-5172 if you have any questions, and we will help you navigate the football recruiting process.

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