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BeRecruited Has Merged with NCSA College Recruiting

NCSA College Recruiting is excited to welcome BeRecruited athletes to the #1 recruiting network in the world. Our team of 1,000+ recruiting experts are here and ready to help you continue your college recruiting journey.  

The first step is to create a free NCSA profile. Like your BeRecruited account, your NCSA profile is where you’ll include basic information, key stats, highlight video and more. All this information will help college coaches determine if you’re a good fit for their program as they search our network.

Continue reading for more details on how to create your NCSA profile and the benefits we offer our athletes. 

What will happen to my BeRecruited account?

As of February 1, 2023, you will no longer be able to access your BeRecruited account. You will need to create a new recruiting profile on NCSA. Any information previously housed on your BeRecruited profile should be transferred to your new NCSA account. was officially sunset on February 1, 2023. 

How to create an NCSA profile

Click here and select “I’m a parent” or “I’m an athlete”. To create your free profile, you will need to fill out our brief form and then click submit to set up your free recruiting profile in seconds! Once your profile is started, add all your information to your new NCSA profile. This includes your personal statement, key stats, highlight video(s) and anything else on your current profile.  

Remember, you will no longer be able to access your BeRecruited account and all information will be deleted after February 1, 2023. 

What are the benefits of having a recruiting profile on NCSA vs. BeRecruited?

As part of the NCSA recruiting network, you will get access to all the following benefits: 

Free Recruiting Profile

Much like your BeRecruited profile, your NCSA Recruiting Profile provides college coaches with a snapshot of who you are as a student-athlete.

NCSA Recruiting Experts

Did you know NCSA has over 1,000 recruiting experts on staff? The NCSA team is comprised of past and former college athletes and coaches, and numerous former professional athletes who have all been in your shoes before. They understand the college recruiting experience from front-to-back and they’re always one phone call away to help answer your recruiting questions. 

Exposure to college coaches

NCSA offers 10x the number of coaches on any other recruiting platform! With NCSA, you will gain more exposure to college coaches using NCSA to fill their roster. 

Recruiting education

Recruiting rules and regulations can get complicated, so we’ve created the largest library of recruiting education, classes and videos to help you along the recruiting journey. Plus, learn how to find athletic scholarships, research colleges, find camps and more.

Digital recruiting tools

NCSA has been perfecting their digital recruiting tools for 20+ years. BeRecruited subscribers will have access to expanded premium services, like NCSA’s Message Center, Coach Activity Report, Match Analysis and one-on-one coaching from a designated NCSA Recruiting Coach to improve your recruiting experience. Learn more here

Proven results

NCSA has helped more than 300,000 student-athletes find and commit to their college of choice. See our results

Why is this happening?

BeRecruited joined NCSA College Recruiting to help open more recruiting doors for you. NCSA is a leader in college athletic recruiting and has helped more than 300,000 student-athletes make commitments to their college choice.  

Now part of IMG Academy, NCSA provides innovative tools to help athletes increase their chances of playing sports in college, including online education and performance training, expert recruiting guidance, data-driven college matching tools and access to more college coaches than any other college recruiting service. 

As we say goodbye to BeRecruited, we are excited for the future and the opportunity to continue helping our athletes as part of the largest and most experienced collegiate athletic recruiting network. 

BeRecruited FAQs

Can I use the same BeRecruited login?

Yes. When you create your new NCSA account, you may use the same BeRecruited login username and password. 

What will happen to the BeRecruited app?

As of February 1, 2023, the BeRecruited app will be retired. After you’ve created your NCSA profile, download the NCSA app in the App Store or on Google Play to manage your recruiting wherever you are, right from your phone.