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Do You Have As Tough A Game Face As These College Wrestling Portraits?

college wrestling portraits

(Flickr – GreggMP)

The NCAA college wrestling championship in New York City was a big night for Penn State, which collected its fifth team title in six years.

College wrestling demands a lot

Any sport has huge demands from its athletes, but when you stop to think about it, college wrestling is the only sport that demands head-to-head grappling for the entire time wrestlers are on the mats.

Between the strenuous training wrestlers undergo and the demands of the competition itself, wrestlers put their bodies under a lot of strain. Do you have what it takes to wrestle at the next level?

“Wrestling, in particular, is thought to require more individual commitment than most other sports due to the nature of the training and competing itself. The logical inference, then, is that with other sports, an athlete can go to practice or a game, and then go home to relax. Wrestlers, due to the weight class requirements, have to maintain their focus and drive around the clock for years at a time,” a former college wrestler told Forbes.

The strain of college wrestling takes a toll on wrestlers

The New Yorker recently published a series of portraits of college wrestlers at the NCAA championship. Just looking at the faces of these student-athletes, you can see their dedication to the sport.

Which got us thinking.

Wrestler or not, you put in so much to training for your sport.

And we’d love to see it.

What’s your game face look like?

We want to see how much heart you put into your sport. Tag us on Instagram to show us your grit and determination.

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