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Cost For Playing on a Travel Softball Team

Softball Travel Team Costs

I get asked the question about what expenses one might expect to incur to play on a competitive travel softball team for the summer.  In my research I have come up with the following information:  What has been your experience and expenses?

Team Expense:

12U Team $750 team fees

14U Team  $1,300 -$2,000 team fees

18U Team $2,400 team fees

Those fees typically cover things such as: uniforms, field rental, & tournament fees.

Travel: 2-3 big events Air fare $300/flight X 3 family members = $900 X 3 = $2,700

Hotel: $100/night x 15 nights = $1,500

Transportation to local events – Gas, etc. 15-20 days per summer for games & tournaments = 50 miles per event average .60 per mile X 20 = $600 Car fees


From online blogs:

One man that I know in Phoenix recorded every cent that he spent on his daughter’s softball experience for 2007. She plays year round. He recorded every penny and would include even the suntan lotion, extra socks, etc. It included HS ball and camps.   His DD was 14 and he spent $10,400.

Bat bag – $40.00 glove $80.00 back up glove $135.00 3 bats – $850.00 cleats $90.00 helmet $40.00 sweatshirt $45.00 plus sliders, compression pants, visor, etc.

But, even the $10k in a year may be a little light for some years we have played. Nationals alone one year probably ran us $5k, family of 4, airline flights, rental car, hotel, meals, etc,

Club K (TN)    Private lessons$80 per hour
Sluggers$49 per ½ hour
MO$45 per ½ hour
All-Star$40 per ½ hour
Extra Innings$39 per ½ hour

Generally the athlete is going to go 1x – 3 x’s per week through the winter & some summer

$80/hour x 2 x 25 weeks= $4,000


$45 (low end) for a 1 day

$200-$525 on campus camps