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How NCSA Helps Athletes Connect with Their Best College Match

track and field coach talking with an athlete

Our goal is to help athletes better understand how to connect with the right coaches at the right time—and ultimately, find the best college for them. We’re not here to do the work for student-athletes. Instead, our job is to give them the tools, education and guidance needed to manage their recruiting journey and make informed, realistic decisions about their future in college sports.

Customization is where we excel. Our team, supporting both student-athletes and college coaches, can help each find exactly what they are looking for when it comes to recruiting. For coaches, this means:

3 key ways we help high school athletes with recruiting

We take the time to ensure that athletes are the right fit for a college program. Here are just a few of the key steps we take in establishing a productive recruiting process:

You can visit our Athlete Product page for more information.

What does this mean for college coaches like you?

NCSA has thousands of qualified and motivated student-athletes who understand the recruiting process and have a team of experts backing them up. Because our staff team has such a close relationship with each athlete, coaches can request recruits who meet their specific criteria.

If we have athletes that fit the bill, we will give their information to the college coach, who can immediately start their initial evaluation. To learn more about what we have to offer college coaches, check out our Coach Product page.

Our team makes it all possible

Our team of 700+ former college coaches and athletes are what really makes NCSA unique. Our team communicates with families every day, answering questions, providing training, and giving athletes the support they need to better navigate this complex process.

At the same time, our Coach Relations Team works specifically with college coaches to better understand their individual recruiting needs. Both the recruiting force and coach relations team work closely together to ensure the right athletes are getting recommended to the college programs that would be their best match.

Our team members are passionate about the college recruiting process, and that passion can be seen in the award-winning company culture that we’ve built. NCSA has been recognized by Fortune magazine, the Chicago Tribune, Best and Brightest Companies to Work For and more for our culture initiatives, benefits and workplace environment.

To learn more about our staff team, awards and office space, visit our Careers section.