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AJ Fagan, Senior Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

AJ Fagan, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

[email protected]
(312) 638-4831

I was a 3-sport athlete in high school. The sports I played were basketball, football, and track. Basketball was my favorite sport, football was the sport the father figure in my life pushed me to play, and track was the sport I most excelled in. I achieved multiple accolades when it came to running track, I was a state runner for the 400 relay team at my school and had a few offers to run at the next level but unfortunately my junior year in high school my mom had got cancer so it forced me to get job and step up in my household. I stayed in Nevada to pursue an education in college after I graduated. I do not regret that decision especially since my mom overcame her cancer and is now healthy.

Even though I know I just started working at NCSA I already know why I love working here is because I feel like some type of hero for using my platform and my abilities to help the next generation of student-athletes pursue their passions and dreams. Even though some might not make it pro but at least the got to be apart of a collegiate team and getting an education while doing something they love. Something I never got to achieve, so I don’t mind helping the next student-athlete achieve something most people cannot say they did.

What I do outside of working with NCSA, I enjoy being around family and enjoying life to the fullest. Still to this day, I try my best to stay in shape and work out every day and as well every Friday I rent an indoor basketball court to play with my friends and co-workers and play some pickup basketball games. A small hobby I enjoy as well is studying and watching high school basketball across the nation and watch the next superstars who will be in the pros one day and keeping an eye on the top prospects and see how they grow.