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Ben Diallo, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Ben Diallo, Recruiting Coordinator

SUNY Cortland
[email protected]
(872) 314-0201

I’m very appreciative of the career path of a recruiting coordinator here at NCSA. I’m really passionate of helping people and the fact that I can be involved with helping the next generation succeed in their career path whether in sports or in their life in general is something that I definitely stand for and makes me feel accomplished in life. More over not being able to participate in collegiate sports do to an unfortunate injury derailing my sports career, I’ve used that drive I obtained and honed it in for this role. In addition here at NCSA we strive for making student athlete’s journey, not just a 4 year one as they would have normally or generally in college but a 40 year old one. I believe that is amazing and is another reason why I’m on board for helping hundreds or hopefully even more student athletes have longevity and fulfillment in their careers no matter what.