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Ben Hastreiter, Recruiting Manager at NCSA

Ben Hastreiter, Recruiting Manager

[email protected]
(312) 610-6110

I have been involved in sports since I was 4 years old. I started out playing Wildcat tee-ball and played baseball all the way through Junior League Baseball Division. I started playing football in the first grade and absolutely fell in love with it. Baseball was also there, but football was my passion. I played for my elementary school and also played Pop Warner football. In seventh grade, I suffered a significant knee injury and my mom said “enough!” She wouldn’t allow me to play football anymore. It broke my heart. I continued playing baseball, but it wasn’t my passion, so it faded out within a few years. I have always had a vast knowledge about all types of sports. From a young age, I could name every player in the NFL, MLB, NBA and so on. It has grown into a hobby, and my love for sports has grown stronger throughout my life. Feel free to drill me on some sports trivia when we talk!

NCSA has given me the opportunity to help families like you and give student-athletes the chance that I wanted and never got. Playing a sport in college is a dream no matter what level you play at. The opportunity is out there, and it is my job to help your student-athlete achieve it. I have so many great success stories to share from families I have worked with. I am ready to make your student-athlete the next great story!