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Brady Larkin, Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Brady Larkin, Recruiting Coach

University of Mary
[email protected]
(872) 275-4236

I attended the University of Mary Washington where I played men’s soccer for four years. After graduation I sought out coaching education opportunities and began my 8 year stint as a college soccer coach. I enjoyed coaching at the Division III level and found success in doing so, making a run to the NCAA Final Four in 2018 with the University of Rochester.

I joined NCSA as a recruiting coach in 2022 and am thrilled with the opportunity to help the next generation of student-athletes find their dream school. It energizes me every day to be working with like-minded colleagues who embody a team-first spirit. I am a driven individual and I enjoy tackling challenges with a growth mindset and positive attitude.

When I’m away from work I enjoy spending time outside in our garden and foraging for wild plants and mushrooms. I reside in upstate New York with my partner and our Springerdoodle, Peaches.