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Brandiss Ward, Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Brandiss Ward, Recruiting Coach

Lake Superior State University
[email protected]
(456) 272-5356

I have helped more than 2,000 NCSA student-athletes commit to a college volleyball program! As a former educator and current high school volleyball coach, I have a passion for helping student-athletes understand the recruiting process and connect with college coaches at programs where they could be a great fit. My 10 years of club and high school coaching mean I understand the challenges high school athletes face. And as a volleyball collegiate athlete, I played at two schools – Lansing Community College and then Lake Superior State University – which means I experienced the recriuting process myself twice. My many years at NCSA mean that I have expansive contacts within the college coaching world and understand their needs as well. I am excited to help you navigate the recruiting process and find schools that fit you!