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Brian Schiffbauer Jr., Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Brian Schiffbauer Jr., Recruiting Coach

Lake Erie College
[email protected]
(312) 638-4482

I had the great fortune of a four-year playing career at Allegheny College and Lake Erie College, where I played both baseball and golf. During and after my playing career, I spent time as a high school coach for golf, basketball, baseball and softball, before starting a seven-year career as a college golf coach, spending time at each level of the NCAA. As a college coach, I was twice named Region Coach of the Year and Conference Coach of the Year. I have had the pleasure of starting four intercollegiate programs and also serving as a professor for Oxford College of Emory University. 

Being a part of the NCSA family has been a rewarding experience because, throughout my career, I have always put the family first in the recruitment process and wanted to find the best fit for all prospective student-athletes. The most rewarding experience of my career was when I was able to offer a full scholarship to a first-generation student-athlete who didn’t think they would be able to afford a college education. That experience far exceeded any personal accolade that I could ever receive.

No student-athlete will be a fit for every school and the process of being noticed by college coaches and finding the right fit can be a tedious process. It is my goal to help families find the right fit and be the best asset I can in the college recruiting process. I strive to be honest and thorough in my time with families, because as a father myself, I want the best for every son/daughter I get the honor of working beside.