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Brooke Stothard, Senior Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Brooke Stothard, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Old Dominion University
[email protected]
(312) 610-6169

I have always had a passion for sports. Growing up, I played sports for many years. Anytime I was offered the opportunity, I was there to play. Upon entering high school, it was encouraged that I focus only on one sport, so I chose volleyball. Through hard work and dedication, I was a starter on the varsity volleyball team for all 4 years of high school. I also played for Sports Performance Club, in Illinois, and was extremely dedicated to the sport. My family moved the summer before my senior year. Fortunately, I had the ability to make new friends quickly as volleyball practice began in the summer. Our coach referred to me as their “Christmas present in August.” Our team went on to win the state championship that year. I was incredibly honored to be presented with the prestigious All-State award for the season.

I earned a spot on the GA Southern volleyball roster my freshman year of college. However, I ultimately decided to go in a different direction with academics. I made the decision to move to VA to focus on my studies, earning a degree at Old Dominion University. After graduating from college, I coached middle school volleyball for a year. I also played on a ladies Rec team until 2006. Playing volleyball has taught me so many things, not just on the court, but in my everyday life. I have learned the value of discipline, teamwork, and motivation. I have always had a hard-working, competitive, and goal-driven mentality. The sport fine-tuned my morals, honesty, and integrity.

I love working for NCSA because I can help families obtain the basic knowledge of the process towards athletic scholarships. As a former student athlete, it brings me joy to talk with students and their parents about future athletic goals. I pride myself in my work to impact and assist families in a positive way. I enjoy the team orientated community here at NCSA and the common goal of helping families experience success while making a difference in student athletes’ lives.