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Chris Zepeda, Recruiting Manager at NCSA

Chris Zepeda, Recruiting Manager

Indiana University-Purdue University - Indianapolis (IUPUI)
[email protected]
(312) 205-7496

I have been involved in athletics since I was 5 years old. It has been a passion for most of my life. As I entered middle school, my mom noticed I was not getting rid of the baby fat like I should have, I was active in baseball, football and even was a pretty talented bowler. The baby fat wasn’t coming off, though. So, my mom had me look into cross country when I got into the sixth grade. It was slow going, and it was tough, but I loved it. I got better in seventh grade, and I got even better in eighth grade. I was able to finish fifth in my city meet in middle school, and lo and behold the baby fat was gone. I turned into a pretty talented runner in high school, running for the varsity team the start of my sophomore year, and even had the opportunity run in the state meet two of the four years. I did well enough in high school to gain the attention of a small local college, which was able to offer me a great opportunity to not only do what I love, but also get a priceless education.

NCSA has allowed me to take my passion for athletics and my love of helping people and combine those to provide guidance and knowledge in the recruiting process. I know that an education is one of the most important tools that a young man or woman will gain in their lives. My goal is to help as many of those young athletes fulfill that dream of not only getting the education they need to become a successful adult, but also that dream of playing the sport they love to pay for some of the education.