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Dawn Best, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Dawn Best, Recruiting Specialist

Liberty University
[email protected]
(312) 638-4879

For seven years, I have worked in athletic recruiting at a prestigious university, the University of Virginia. I have enjoyed being a part of helping athletes achieve their dream of playing in college, getting a great education and going on to lead successful lives.

 When NCSA approached me to work with them, it was the perfect fit. Their commitment to helping athletes and their integrity in supporting athletes through the recruiting process are some of the reasons why I love what I do. Now I get to help many athletes from a variety of sports across the nation and even internationally to realize their dream of playing in college. 

My goal is to help athletes through the recruiting process by educating them, creating a plan for their success and maximizing their opportunities. If I can help an athlete achieve success in recruiting, then I have fulfilled my purpose. 

I have one son who played lacrosse in college, and I have experienced the recruiting process with him. I also played softball in college, and during my second year received the MVP award. I realize the importance that sports and education can play in future successes. 

During my off time, I like to spend as much time as I can at the beach. I live at a lake in beautiful central Virginia and enjoy lots of outdoor activities around the water and the mountains. I also have a fur baby named Pitunia, who I adopted last year, and she is my constant companion.