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Eric Stark, Senior Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Eric Stark, Senior Recruiting Coach

[email protected]
(872) 281-6466

I grew up in love of all things sports. I was really drawn into the tennis world as I got to be a teenager and fell in love with the sport. After a successful high school career, I really didn’t think much about continuing to play in college. I started getting letters from schools and all of sudden realized that it could have been a possibility. In the end, I decided because of injuries and how late in the process I got started to focus on my academics.

I’ve been coaching tennis in some capacity for over 19 years. I’ve had a successful career coaching at both the high school and Division I level at Eastern Illinois University, where I helped the women’s team to its highest national ranking and the men’s side getting an opportunity to recruit and coach a future All-American and professional tennis player.

I truly believe there is a place for everyone. I wish I had known about NCSA when I was in high school as it might have taken me on a different path.

When I’m not out on the court or working here at NCSA, I enjoy spending my time with my fiancée. We enjoy finding the best coffee in any area we visit and are always searching for the best food we can find.