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Greg Rosenberg, Recruiting Coach at NCSA

Greg Rosenberg, Recruiting Coach

[email protected]
(312) 638-4816

I coached women’s and men’s club high school Lacrosse teams for over 15 years. I entered the collegiate ranks on the men’s side as an Assistant Attack and Goalie position Coach at Randolph-Macon College. I moved onto the University of Richmond where I was the Recruiting Coordinator and Assistant Coach working with Goalies and Face-Off units. My last collegiate stop was as a Head Coach at Keystone College in PA.

In addition to my Recruiting Coach role at NCSA, I’m still active in coaching an elite high school club Lacrosse team in Richmond VA. Knowing that one of the most rewarding parts of coaching was helping student-athletes continue their dream of playing sports, I joined NCSA. I was familiar with how successful NCSA was in helping the college coach recruit, I felt NCSA was a natural progression and a great opportunity for me to help even more student-athletes and their families. Since joining NCSA I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with student-athletes and families across the country helping them make one of the most important decisions in their young lives. I believe that finding that “fit” between academics and athletics is the key to our student-athletes success in college that will carry them through rest of their lives. The most rewarding part of working at NCSA is knowing that my teammates and I are truly making a difference in the lives of student-athletes each & every day.