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Hayden Solomon, Senior Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Hayden Solomon, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

University of North Alabama
[email protected]
(872) 275-2428

Growing up, sports were all I knew. I grew up playing Baseball and Basketball. My father is a basketball, baseball, and football coach. Therefore, when I wasn’t practicing or playing, I was helping him out at practice or keeping stats for his team during the games. Once I reached high school, I got serious about baseball and basketball and started to train every day.

I had a fun and successful high school athletic career. Once I graduated, I decided to give sports a rest and pursue a bachelor’s degree in professional marketing. I completed my first two years at Community College and completed my last two years at The University of North Alabama. I couldn’t give up sports completely, so I joined a basketball and a softball team and played twice a week.

When the time came to apply for jobs, I wanted to do something I could really enjoy. When I found out about NCSA, I knew it was the place for me. I have met some incredible, hardworking people here at NCSA and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here. I am looking forward to helping student athletes reach their goals of playing sports in college.