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Ian Higgins, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Ian Higgins, Recruiting Coordinator

Appalachian State University
[email protected]
(872) 212-6545

Growing up with an overarching passion for sport from football to strongman, I began my career in sports as a freelance writer producing content around the NFL Draft during my time at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. This talent evaluation opened the door to Appalachian State University, assisting in recruiting operations & being apart of the memorable 2022 season.

This experience on the inside of a nationally-recognized collegiate football program has provided unique insight into the reality of athletic recruiting and the decision-making processes utilized by coaches and recruiters at the Division I level. Much of my responsibilities included searching through the vast quantities of student-athletes seeking to play college football, attempting to sift through to find the best fits of both athlete & character for the program.

This focus on finding fits of talent & character between student-athletes & respective athletic programs is a unique opportunity to contribute to the futures of student-athletes navigating the athletic recruitment environment.