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Jacob Satterfield, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Jacob Satterfield, Recruiting Coordinator

Wingate Univerisy
[email protected]
(872) 291-0828

I graduated from Wingate University with a Bachelors degree in Sport Management. I played football for 5 years there and I am currently getting my Masters of Sport Management. I played quarterback there for all 5 years as well.

The most rewarding part of working for NCSA is the aspect of changing young student athlete’s life. I used NCSA myself, and it was phenomenal. Being able to share this with young adults and help them through this hard decision and send them to a school they will love. I bring hard work and determination to the workplace with my athletic experience and my business experience. I am going to bring the thunder to this company and cannot wait to start changing lives one day at a time.