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Jay Pyron, Senior Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Jay Pyron, Senior Recruiting Specialist

Averett University
[email protected]
(312) 610-6144

I have coached at the collegiate level for 13 years, nine of those at the DI level. This extensive experience has led me to NCSA where I get to help families every day navigate this confusing and difficult process. Having a role as a recruiting specialist at NCSA is a wonderful opportunity to guide and educate families on the process and help them achieve their goals in the recruiting process. 

Having coached and recruited at the DI, DII, DIII and NAIA levels has uniquely prepared me to guide a family through their recruiting journey. Unfortunately, there are a tremendous number of student-athletes every year who either don’t make it or miss out on the right opportunity or more scholarship money because they aren’t prepared or don’t have the resources or guidance in the process that can be very difficult and challenging. 

My experience coaching has taken me to North Carolina State, Campbell University, University of Evansville, Murray State, Arizona Christian University and now currently Averett University where I was a college athlete myself. In 2006, our NC State coaching staff was named NFCA regional coaching staff of the year after winning the ACC championship.

My wife Ashley and I were married in February 2016. Ashley has been a college coach herself now for nine years. She coached her first eight years at Concordia University (Irvine) where she was also inducted into the Concordia Hall of Fame as an athlete and now we coach together at Averett. We just recently welcomed our first son Luke into our family.