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Jim Powell, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Jim Powell, Recruiting Specialist

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I grew up loving and playing sports in my youth. I played football and baseball in high school. In football I was a two-way starter, FB on offense and LB on defense. We took state my Jr. year. My Sr. year I made 1st team All-State in football as a running back. I was fortunate to get opportunities to walk on at some D-1 schools here in Utah but settled on an out of state Jr. college that offered me a scholarship and whose football program was nationally ranked in the top ten.

After college, I worked in the advertising industry for many years helping business owners grow their businesses. I loved being able to take people by the hand and help them strategically succeed in the business world. Throughout my life, I have always remained a huge sports fan. That rubbed off on my kids as well. Both of my daughters played high school and club volleyball and were very good at it. (Both ended up 1st team All-State.) I was like most parents out there with my parent goggles on thinking my kids were definitely going to get scholarships to keep playing in college which thank goodness they did but I also enlisted the help of NCSA on both of their behalf’s. NCSA opened up a whole new realm of opportunities for them to explore and I was extremely grateful for what they did in helping get my daughters recruited.

The most rewarding part of working at NCSA is knowing my company is truly making a difference in the lives of student athletes and their families. Like I did for people in the business world, I am now in a position to help student athletes by giving them the tools necessary to continue their dreams of playing college athletics and getting funding for their college tuition. My job is to take the S/A and their parents by the hand and show them the ropes of getting scholarship opportunities that they currently may not be getting.

As for sports today, I may not play much anymore except for golf or getting together on Thanksgiving morning with some old high school buddies for our annual Turkey Bowl, but I am still an enthusiast. Now I get to enjoy watching my son-in-law play in the NFL and be lucky enough to go to see him play in Super Bowls….life is good!