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Kelly Archer, Recruiting Specialist at NCSA

Kelly Archer, Recruiting Specialist

University of Oklahoma
[email protected]
(312) 690-6321

As an employee of NCSA, I thoroughly enjoy partnering with my clients to help them achieve their goals of competing on the collegiate level as well as working to securing their degree. Working with former coaches and student-athletes with the NCSA family, by teaming up with over 1000 employees to assist in making dreams come true, is extremely rewarding to me. Statistics show that 7% of all high school student-athletes move on to play at the collegiate level. This an elite group of young men and women that have a chance to say in the future “I played at the collegiate level”. This is a statement that will follow, shape, and impact those athletes’ lives through conversations, job interviews and other opportunities.

I was a head coach at the collegiate level for 18 years and athletic director for 12 years. I received five coach of the year honors at the collegiate level and had the fortune of winning four national titles in basketball during my tenure.

I competed on the high school level in Basketball and Baseball, receiving all-district honors. I attended college and received a Bachelor of Science degree at Texas Tech University and a master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma. Personally, I also assisted all three of my kids in pursuing their dreams to participate in college athletics. One participated in the NCAA I level and two gained multiple scholarships opportunities in NAIA and NCAA II with the help of NCSA.

During my spare time I enjoy golf, gardening, fishing, boating, and spending quality time with my wife of 33 years, Debbie, and our three adult children Abby, Brock, and Beau.