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Kimberly  Davis , Recruiting Specialist  at NCSA

Kimberly Davis , Recruiting Specialist

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(312) 638-4420

Sports is my passion, I played basketball, soccer, and also coached boys club basketball. After watching the movie Jerry Maguire I knew that I wanted to work in sports to help others achieve their dreams of playing sports at the highest levels. After graduating from the University of Maryland, I went to law school with the aspirations of becoming a sports agent. Life has its way of deciding our timing and fate, and after law school, I worked instead in pharmaceutical and telecommunication sales. After very successful years in those industries, I was led back to my original goal of becoming a sports agent and become a certified agent with the National Basketball Association, the NBA.While helping my clients at the highest levels, so many spoke of their recruiting process, and how many players were left behind from pursuing professional goals because they just didn’t attend the right college out of high school. Thus began my passion for helping players achieve their dreams of playing sports on all levels.As a parent, I have gone through the recruiting process with my own son, who plays basketball. I did not use NCSA and wish I had. Today, I know our process would have had a different outcome if we had used this amazing service. Even those of us with profound knowledge of the sporting industry will find NCSA services to be very valuable, and one that will help their families through the process profusely.