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Kristen Silver, Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Kristen Silver, Recruiting Coordinator

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(312) 579-2537

As a former high school state champion and scholarship collegiate athlete, and now parent of nationally ranked athletes, my passion is to help all student-athletes and their parents navigate the ever changing world of college recruiting. The youngest of four, I grew up all across the country before my family placed roots in Washington State. With the encouragement of my Father, a former Gonzaga University tennis captain, I had a racquet in my hand by the age of 5. The passion and excitement that I always felt on the court carried me through tough years in school dealing with a severe learning disability. After two major knee injuries I made the tough decision to walk away from my collegiate sports career and focus solely on academics.

The most important part of working with NCSA is that I get to help student-athletes follow their passion to take their sport and academics to the next level. On the other side, as a parent of competitive athletes, I am able to understand the worries that parents have with sending their student-athlete off to the next level. The partnership that the student-athlete and their parents form in order to make that dream become a reality is one of the most special times a family can experience. I hope that with my knowledge on both sides of the athlete/parent roles I can play a small part in your journey.

In my free time I run with my retired sled-dog and explore the Washington Coast with my family and three other pups.