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Mandy Enyia, Senior Recruiting Coordinator at NCSA

Mandy Enyia, Senior Recruiting Coordinator

Northwestern College - Iowa
[email protected]
(312) 205-7492

I knew I always wanted to work with high school athletes in some way, I was just not sure how. That is when I came across NCSA. I grew up in a small town in Iowa and played high school basketball, golf, volleyball and ran track and field. I knew I wanted to pursue basketball at the college level, so in the summers, I played on a nationally ranked AAU team and was able to get the exposure I needed. I signed an NLI to Northwestern College where I received an athletic scholarship and majored in mass communications. 

Playing basketball in college really helped me work hard. We made it to the national tournament every year, and my senior year we were national champions. Being the point guard, I led the team in assists and broke the school record my four years I was there. My love for sports after college led me to an internship role with the CW in Denver where we reported on all the MLB, NFL and NBA teams in Denver, and shortly after my internship I landed a job at NCSA. 

I knew recruiting had changed since I went through it, and so many times I saw really good athletes go overlooked because coaches had no idea who they were. NCSA is a great resource to help high school athletes connect with those college coaches and maximize their exposure and really find a great fit academically. It’s an incredible experience when you help athletes achieve their goals of playing at the college level. Recruiting is hard work, and knowing we can make it a bit easier for high school students to connect with college coaches is rewarding in itself.